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  New Snow Status
Discovery Ski Area, MT
11/11/2018, 7:23am

10" past 4 days
Reopen 11/17
Great Divide, MT
11/11/2018, 7:19am

1" past 72 hours
Reopen 11/17
Plan to Open
Big Sky Resort, MT
10/08/2018, 9:01am
Plan to Open 11/22
Bridger Bowl, MT
10/08/2018, 9:09am
Plan to Open 12/07
Red Lodge Mountain, MT
10/08/2018, 9:02am
Plan to Open 11/23
Showdown Montana, MT
10/08/2018, 9:20am
Plan to Open 12/14
Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT
10/08/2018, 9:07am
Plan to Open 12/06
Opening Soon For Snow Sports
Blacktail Mountain Ski Area, MT
11/07/2018, 8:17am
Opening Soon for Snow Sports
Lost Trail Ski Area, MT
11/07/2018, 8:23am
Opening Soon for Snow Sports
Maverick Mountain, MT
11/07/2018, 9:45am
Opening Soon for Snow Sports
Montana Snowbowl, MT
11/07/2018, 8:26am
Opening Soon for Snow Sports
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