SnoCast: A Leprechaun-Worth of Snow Fell. Now, More Luck in the Forecast

Aspen Snowmass-Bluebird Day

Better late than never, right? Most of New England’s resorts got a traditional, purely-magical Nor’easter March 13-15. Granted snow has been decent in northern New England so far this winter, it was just what we needed to extend our skiing and riding to the late part of the year.

In fact, both coasts have been getting clobbered. Yet another atmospheric river slammed California and at least one more is on its way.

This is a fun time of the year, when pond skimming is followed up by Gaper Days. Head to the hill and enjoy the extra daylight, warmer temperatures, and those party-like environments for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Let’s dive into the details in this week’s SnoCast for March 16-22, 2023.



Well, that storm performed! The Nor’easter hit in true fashion, dumping on the mountains while leaving the valleys accessible (when it comes to travel). Several mountains got 3 feet of snow, with top amounts up to 40 inches. Check out the latest snow reports at your favorite mountain, here on

Looking ahead, the next big storm will hit the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest Thursday, lingering into Friday. Four to eight inches of snow will fall, with locally higher amounts closer to Canada. For the Appalachians and New England, this will bring primarily light rain showers (green on the maps below). There will be some snow, however, in far northern New England.

Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, will be windy and mild, the weekend then turning colder (especially on Sunday). Lake-enhanced snow showers will provide some freshies this weekend. Monday-Wednesday will be sunny and comfortable. Best bets: Lutsen Mountains, Granite Peak, Gore Mountain, Magic Mountain, and Gunstock.


We can officially say this has been California’s snowiest winter in decades, maybe even in a generation! The University of California Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab (UCB-CSSL) has surpassed 650 inches of snow so far this season, putting the lab in the top 3 for snowiest winters. With another storm this week, the second-snowiest winter season looks unavoidable!

On Thursday, snow showers will continue in the Rockies from an event that began on Tuesday. Greatest additional snow will be in the southern Rockies with 6-12” to finalize a 1-2 foot snowstorm for many in the West. Generally quieter weather can be expected through St. Patrick’s Day on Friday and through the weekend. There will be some light snow showers from New Mexico and Arizona northwestward to CA/OR/WA this weekend. Generally, 4-8” of snow is predicted.


Here we go again! Yet another atmospheric river is forecast to arrive at the California coast Monday-Tuesday, March 20-21. This could be another doozy above 7,500 feet elevation with measurements in feet once again. Snow won’t stay in Cali, though. Much of the West will get wind and snow showers through Tuesday, March 22 with frequent totals of 15-20 inches. Best bets: Purgatory, Park City, Taos, and any operable California resort you can get to! 

With so much snow, avalanche warnings have been issued. Check the latest hazard level at We'll see you next week with the latest SnoCast! Have a fun weekend and don't forget to wear green!

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