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Safety Awareness Month at Killington Resort and Pico Mountain

Shredding Safely at Pico Mountain Shredding Safely! Photo credit to Pico Mountain via Facebook

January at Killington Resort and Pico Mountain isn't just about carving fresh powder and basking in sunshine – it's about embracing slope safety and cultivating a responsible, respectful mountain community. Throughout the month, Killington/Pico teams up with the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) to champion a variety of initiatives under the #RideAnotherDay banner, aiming to equip skiers and riders with the knowledge and tools to navigate the slopes confidently and safely.

One key focus is The Snow Angel Foundation, an organization dedicated to preventing spinal cord injuries through education and awareness. Your Responsibility Code, updated this year with even more emphasis on courtesy and shared responsibility, guides your decisions on the mountain. Park Smart empowers riders to navigate terrain parks with skill and respect, while Uphill touring etiquette and safety ensures peaceful coexistence between uphill travelers and downhill skiers. Even the littlest ones get involved with Kids on Lifts, a program fostering safe and fun first chairlift experiences.

But it's not just about education. Killington/Pico partners with Mammut to offer special promotions for safety-conscious skiers and riders, accessible through on-hill activations throughout the month. This collaboration reinforces the value of responsible behavior and rewards those who prioritize it.

By encouraging awareness and responsibility across these programs, Killington/Pico hopes to empower guests to make their best decisions on the hill, creating a more enjoyable environment for everyone. In support of this mission, the resort will also make a Play Forever donation to the Snow Angel Foundation in recognition of their dedication to the #RideAnotherDay campaign.

So, this January, join Killington/Pico in embracing the spirit of #RideAnotherDay. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced beginner, take advantage of the educational opportunities, explore Mammut's safety-focused promotions, and contribute to a community where courtesy, respect, and responsible decisions reign supreme. Let's make this winter season not just about the thrill of the ride, but about riding another day, together.


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