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10 Reasons You Should Ship Skis, Snowboards, Luggage Ahead


We know there’s nothing better than a week spent slopeside. But there’s no denying that actually getting to the mountain (and returning home) is the worst part of any ski vacation.

That’s where Ship Skis comes in! Ship Skis will collect your skis, snowboard, snow boots, and luggage directly from your doorstep and deliver them to your winter destination ahead of your arrival - ultimately allowing you to avoid all the headaches associated with airport travel.

  1. Lines? Nope.

If you’ve ever been to the airport, you know the phrase “hurry up and wait” isn’t just an idiom - it’s true! Waiting to check your baggage, waiting to be processed through TSA, waiting to board your plane, waiting at baggage claim for your luggage to be returned to you…well, you get the point. It’s a lot of waiting!

But, when you ship your skis, snowboard, boots, and luggage ahead of your arrival, you can breeze through the airport and bypass all those lines. Not only is it a more convenient way to travel, but it’s safer, too. Avoid the large crowds, long lines, and arrive at your destination safely and stress-free.

  1. Doorstep pickups? Of course.

Dragging your bags to the airport is so last year! Simply pack them up as you normally would for airline travel, securely attach your provided shipping label, and Ship Skis will collect them from almost any location - including private residences, hotels, resorts, businesses, rental properties, and more.

And if you don’t feel like waiting for your bags to be collected, you don’t have to! Ship Skis is partnered with several major carriers. So, if you’d rather drop off your equipment and go about your day, all you have to do is find an authorized drop-off point in your area.

  1. Tracking? Yup.

When you surrender your ski equipment at the airport, a little piece of your heart goes with it - only whole again once your equipment has been returned to you in one piece (hopefully) at your final destination. Ship Skis doesn’t want to leave you wondering where your gear is. That’s why each shipment comes with its own unique tracking ID so you can access the latest location of your skis or luggage 24/7.

  1. Baggage claim? Never.

You’ve landed at your destination, you’ve deboarded your plane, but your vacation still hasn’t begun because you have one more obstacle left: baggage claim. Experts say your luggage will be returned to you anywhere from 15-45 minutes after landing. But, we all know it’s much closer to that 45-minute mark (or longer) more often than not.

Why delay your vacation any longer than you have to? Shipping your skis ahead means you can deboard your plane and head right to your rental car. So, not only are you avoiding the never-ending wait for your baggage, but you also won’t have to hoist them off the carousel and drag them half a mile to your next method of transportation.

  1. On-time guarantee? You bet.

Skiing and snowboarding are all about timing. You want to be at the right slope at just the right time. That’s why skiers and snowboarders continue to trust Ship Skis’ on-time delivery guarantee - ensuring your gear will be where you need it, when you need it, every time. On top of that, they’ll also keep you updated via intermittent emails with tracking updates.

  1. Overhead bins? No.

You obviously can’t stuff your skis in the overhead bin, but more and more travelers are bringing their luggage with them on the plane. Thanks in part to luggage separation anxiety (something we all suffer from) and rising baggage fees, finding room in the overhead bins is getting more and more difficult. But, Ship Skis doesn’t just ship winter equipment. They can ship your luggage ahead, too, like carry-ons, checked luggage, and oversized baggage. So, you can travel entirely bag-free on your winter getaway.

  1. Customer service? The best.

If you’re looking for a service that truly puts you first, it’s Ship Skis. Their team of world-class customer service representatives is available seven days a week to address any questions or concerns you may have. And if you don’t have time for a phone call, feel free to text, email, or live chat with a logistics expert.

  1. Hidden fees? No way.

Airlines are constantly increasing baggage fees or sneaking in extra charges for bags that are even just slightly overweight. But Ship Skis operates a little differently and will never surprise you with hidden fees. On top of that, with rates starting as low as $34.99, Ship Skis is realistically affordable for any kind of traveler.

  1. Complimentary insurance? Always.

According to reports, airlines damage, mishandle or pilfer 18% of all baggage. That’s quite a bit if you ask us. So, rather than subjecting your skis and snowboards to such mishandling, just ship them ahead with Ship Skis’ industry-leading insurance rates.

All ski, snowboard, and luggage shipments come with $500 of complimentary insurance. And if your items are worth more than this amount, Ship Skis offers an array of insurance options up to $10,000 to best accommodate you.

  1. International shipping? Certainly.

Whether it’s flying down the Matterhorn in Switzerland or tackling the French Alps, it’s no question that some of the world’s best slopes can be found across the pond. And Ship Skis makes it easy to explore every mountain with premier shipping to 180 countries and territories.

Not only will the service handle the actual transportation of your baggage, but they’ll also complete any customs-related paperwork that may be required on your behalf.

Not into the snow? Don’t sweat it! If you prefer a warm escape to the links instead, check out Ship Sticks and learn more about shipping your golf clubs ahead, too.

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